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The questionless star in town is the gorgeous castle. Master piece of the gothic and military architecture, declared monument in 1931.
It was ordered to be built by the "Acuña" family in the XV century. Nowadays it keeps most of its original outline. From its hill on the Esla river, the castle overlooks the region being the indisputed sign in Valencia de Don Juan. The improvements and rehabilitations offer an innovate castle image and a suitable stage for cultural events.

The town had up to twelve churches, nowadays two are left: Santa Maria from the XVI century and San Pedro Apostol (the only parish church in town). This last one treasures a jewel: the altarpiece created by Guillermo Doncel, to whom it was mandated in 1543. San Pedro church has also got the facade made of stone and with two squared columns.

In the Church of ‘Nuestra Señora del Castillo’ (located in the school of the PP. Augustinians) also highlights the Gothic image of the s. XIII of the ‘Virgen del Castillo Viejo’, patron of Valencia de Don Juan, and an altarpiece dedicated to the Passion of Christ and also dated in the sixteenth century. We should mention the colorful pantheon of Condes de Valencia de Don Juan, located in the chancel of the church and whose beautiful bill is a compulsory visit.

Since August 2008, Acuña gothic fortress houses the Castle Museum from Valencia de Don Juan, a museum where you can take a tour around the history of this town, from its origins back in the second Bronze Age until now. The museum is located inside the castle, and distributed on three floors. It makes a chronological journey from the bottom up of the most important milestones in the history of the city and its castle. In the museum, visitors discover the secrets of the castle history of Valencia de Don Juan, ordered to be built by the family Acuña in the fifteenth century, and previous uses the castle had, plus enjoying the magnificent views of the valley of the river Esla from the terrace of the third floor.


Castle, Valencia de Don Juan, León Castle, Valencia de Don Juan, León City Hall and Church of San Pedro, Valencia de Don Juan, León Church of 'Nuestra Señora del Castillo', Valencia de Don Juan, León


Valencia de Don Juan is one of those places where it has spared no means to adapt the environment to the city, always at the service of functionality, but environmentally friendly as possible. Proof of this are the rapturous landscapes offered by the city, where the art of walking becomes a perfect size.

The complexity of the castle and its surroundings, packed with exquisite care and detail, are the ideal place for the solace of the senses and enjoy nature in an urban environment. Here is the famous and beautiful Jardín de los patos, which is the park per excellence in the town, a luxurious setting for walks and rest. The entire set is a beautiful recreational area, where you can watch a thousand details that makes this pleasant corner unique: historical allusions, a unique music kiosk, pond, fountains ... and next, very close, under the shelter of the imposing castle, an outdoor auditorium, what else could you desire?

There's more, much more in this unique town. For example, the river Esla equipped with a beautiful ride and a wonderful bike path layout, designed to streamline even more the wildlife in the area.

And we can not forget other visual grandeur of huge landscapes, such as the Vía verde, a route that follows the old route of the railway line and connects through a natural long walk


View of the Esla river, Valencia de Don Juan, León 'Parque de los Patos', Valencia de Don Juan, León Music Stage at 'Parque de los Patos', Valencia de Don Juan, León Footbridge over the Esla river, Valencia de Don Juan, León


‘Coyanza’ preserves much of the urban complex that exhibits traditional gates, old balconies, clay tile ... all of them beside the modern architectural expressions. Therefore, this entire town has got a beauty difficult to match

Typical spots like the Plaza El Salvador, Plaza Chica, Jardín de Santa Teresa ... make Valencia de Don Juan a very pleasant place to live and enjoy an urban  and harmonious complex.

In the village we find facilities that facilitate the fun, sport and all the cultural events and entertainment that is so lavish during the year in Coyanza.

In this sense, is very popular the ‘Plaza de Toros’ with its 'original' ring, dug in the ground, where bullfights of great importance are celebrated.

Also highlights many other infrastructure of the city, for its practical nature, such as the Casa de Cultura, which houses the Library, Exhibition Hall, the ‘Cibercentro’ and the Municipal School of Music and Dance.

The large sports complex in Valencia de Don Juan, ‘Polideportivo Municipal’, is the pride of the town, given its versatility and care facilities. Here you can find a substantial offer in terms of sports facilities and swimming pools, equipped with slides and greenery and absolute heart of the city during the summer evenings. In addition, Valencia de Don Juan counts with a large indoor sports arena, "Vicente López ', an outstanding sports complex that is capable of hosting a multitude of competitions and sports exhibitions.


CLane Riverwalk bike in Valencia de Don Juan, León Sports leisure pool, Valencia de Don Juan, León 'Plaza de toros', Valencia de Don Juan, León Castle Auditorium, Valencia de Don Juan, León


To the ancient art of fun, that seems to have been designed for this magnificent villa in the south of Leon. If the fun starts with a good meal, this is the ideal place to sit at a table full of delicatessens. The richness and wisdom of the earth offer the perfect marriage between traditional cuisine and excellent wine weevil tight area, on the basis of the best products for livestock and agriculture.

Many dishes stand out in this town, which will leave the best taste in any palate: cod miller, garlic soup, stew, soup, empedraos, sausages, chicken ...

And once you have enjoyed a good meal, it's time to enjoy the festivals and fairs that wears the village for many days a year: do not miss the weekly market, held every Thursday throughout the year in the town hall square and surrounding streets, an event that brings together many people from throughout the region. Multisectoral February Fair is held the third Thursday of the month, more established year after year.

Valencia de Don Juan lives the easter ‘Semana Santa’ with true faith and devotion. During the holidays, the ‘coyantinos’ flood the streets of colorful processions of interest. During the summer festivals are celebrated in many neighborhoods in Valencia de Don Juan. During the summer, when the city fills with visitors and its population grows dramatically, July 1 Valencia lives in splendid cultural month, which closes with the Wine Fair ‘Tierra de León’. August comes and the party becomes long learning. The first Sunday is the 'Bollu Preñau', an appointment with a taste of the neighboring Asturias, and the second weekend of August is the Fair of Traditional Crafts and Ceramics.

From 8 to 15 September was the huge festivities of Valencia de Don Juan, in honor of ‘Nuestra Señora del Castillo’. We join these celebrations with the ‘Bendito Cristo de Santa Marina’. This closes the calendar holiday celebrations.


'Semana Santa', Valencia de Don Juan, León 'Semana Santa', Valencia de Don Juan, León Music concerts, Valencia de Don Juan, León Classic music concerts, Valencia de Don Juan, León


Valencia de Don Juan is the head of economic and social development of the extensive region of ‘Esla - Otero, Campos’.

We can visit villages of great importance in the area, which will enrich our knowledge of a region of great importance for the province of León.

  • Fresno de la Vega (with a famous orchard. Church of the sixteenth century with a cover and a picture of a thirteenth-century Madonna and child).
  • Pajares Oteros (landscape of cellar and pigeon houses. Ermita seventeenth century. Valdesaz Church declared 'Bien de Interés Cultural').
  • Toral de Guzman (the main way of life is the transformation of the berries. Church of St. Mary of the fifteenth century. Guzmanes Palace built in mud).
  • Valderas (town steeped in history. Museum of Religious Art).
  • Gordoncillo (area of vineyards and fountains. Hot spring. Ermita de Sto. Cristo de la Veracruz).
  • Villamañán, Villaquejida, Cabreros del Río...

And of course, we can not forget León, the capital of the province. Born from a Roman military camp of the Legio VI Victrix at 29 a. C.

Its heritage and monuments, and various celebrations taking place throughout the year, among which the ‘Semana Santa’, and its location as an obligatory Camino de Santiago stop, considered World Heritage by UNESCO, make a city receiving national and international tourism. Among its most representative monuments are the Cathedral, the best example of High Gothic style in Spain, France, the Basilica of San Isidoro, one of the most important Romanesque churches of Spain and Tombs of the Kings of Leon, medieval monastery of San Marcos, the first example of Spanish Renaissance architecture plateresque, Botines house of an Art Nouveau style by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, all of whom declared a ‘Bien de Interés Cultural’. An outstanding example of modern architecture and one of the museums the city is the MUSAC by Mansilla + Tuñón.

Leon has a large network of roads and rail, in addition to an airport with domestic and international flights (currently only in Paris) that after the expansion works, opened in October 2010, has a new terminal that is capable to respond to triple passengers than before.

For golf lovers, 30km away from Valencia de Don Juan, is the ‘Campo de Golf de León’. A 18-hole course that will delight fans of this sport. Villegas Hotel has special offers for its customers to enjoy the golf during their stay.

 Multisectoral February Fair , Valencia de Don Juan, León Church tower, Fresno de la Vega Campo de Golf de Leó, León Cathedral, León

Source: http://aytovalenciadedonjuan.es
Images of 'Semana Santa': Mª Susana Barbeito Pérez

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